Landlord Feedback

What is it about?

Landlord Feedback is a community driven feedback website. It is targeted at tenants of all ages and contains feedbacks on private landlords, letting agencies and their offered properties throughout the UK. Landlord Feedback is absolutely free to use for both feedback seekers and feedbacks leavers, all you need is a Facebook account to log in with.

Why leave feedback?

You should leave feedback if you feel like sharing information about your landlord, letting agency or the property you live(d) in. We are interested in both good and bad stories, but please be fair in your feedback. Other users might find it useful as they look for property to rent in your area, or perhaps even from landlord or agency you are currently renting with.

Why look for feedback?

If you are on the market to rent a new property, moving to a new area or just between apartments - making research on your future landlord, letting agency or new area isn't such a bad idea. See if somebody left a feedback on the property you are about to rent, so you know what to expect from the place or its landlord. Hope you find it useful.

Latest from the blog

2014-03-05 13:16:33 UTC

Upload property images

You can now upload images to show property condition

A picture is worth a thousand words, and now you can upload unlimited number of pictures for every property or feedback that you submit.
Put those landlords at shame by sharing snaps of what they make us rent from them.

The below picture has been submitted by one of our users, showing a collapsed ceiling as a result of long term disrepair in a property.



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